About Us


We've been asked by a lot of people how we've grown so quickly, and the answer is actually really simple... we've aligned the entire organization around one mission: to provide the best product at the best price with the best customer service. Internally, we call this our 3 blades of success!

CeilingFanDirection.com is located in the Western suburbs of Chicago and with the ever changing weather conditions here in Chicago everyone here at CeilingFanDirection.com uses the products we sell...everyone from Patrick in Marketing to Fernando in shipping and even Bobbi in customer service has at least one of our fans hanging in their home. It is fitting that we're located in the WindyCity and we sell the best products and the best prices with the best customer service.

Our Hunter Products

The Hunter Fan story stretches across the turn of two centuries, two world wars and the Great Depression. The company traces its origins back to 1886, when John Hunter and son James C. Hunter created the first water-driven ceiling fan in upstate New York. Before long, Hunter Fan Company was shipping these rugged fans with hand-weighted and balanced blades by the boatload to India, the Far East and Africa as well as across the United States.

Today, they continue to combine 19th century craftsmanship with innovative design and technology to create air-movement products of unmatched quality, style and whisper-quiet performance. Products that are as tough on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside. Products that John and James Hunter would still be proud of more than 120 years later.

Our Prestige Products

Life is filled with ordinary, but it doesn’t have to be. When you’ve arrived at that place where you’re unwilling to settle for anything less than extraordinary, you’re ready for Prestige®.

The Prestige collection by Hunter is more than just beautiful – it’s painstakingly designed and carefully crafted to set the standard by which all others are judged. Prestige fans deliver optimum air movement by using only our strongest motors. Each finish is hand-selected and the blades are artfully designed to create a truly distinguished look.

Representing the pinnacle of more than 125 years of knowledge and innovation, every Prestige ceiling fan has earned the right to be called Hunter’s very best.

It all begins with the right materials. That’s why we use a variety of natural woods, paying special attention to grain and grade. Why all of our Fine Furniture™ veneers meet the most exacting standards. Why are their wood finishes are always lustrous and inviting. And why they include subtle distressed styles with antique appeal. Metals and metal finishes reflect a dedication to quality and stylistic diversity. From rich copper to sleek nickel to bold cast iron—with finishes from smooth satins to hand-applied patinas. Artisan glass brings another level of elegance to the Prestige line. Unique linen glass blends a fired texture with water glass to produce a soft white light. Amber scavo glass catches the eye with a honeyed appearance and bathes a room in a golden glow. Swirled marble offers exquisite luxury. You’ll discover these textures and more when you light your home with Prestige.

With a stylistic depth unmatched in the industry, Prestige offers fans ranging from traditional to contemporary—and everything in-between. The designers not only exhaustively research the latest trends; they’ve actually started a few of their own! Whatever your style, rest assured, we have a ceiling fan for you.

Our Casablanca Products

Casablanca ceiling fans are well known for their high quality products that are built to last and provide the best comfort in your home. Casablanca fans combine elegance, versatility, efficiency, endurance, and comfort along with energy efficient and timeless design.

The Casablanca collection provides a wide variety of different styled ceiling fans to fit any home design. Every detail of Casablanca fans are thoughtfully crafted, and showcase a unique approach in design, engineering, and manufacturing to provide customers with high quality products, including Casablanca fan blades and light fixtures.

Casablanca is dedicated to providing the best craftmanship of its furniture-grade wood veneer blades, bearings in the motors and beautiful finishes. Casablanca ceiling fans exhibit superior performance and durability as a result of quality construction and attention to detail. Casablanca ceiling fans - timeless design, premium craftmanship